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Down to Earth

Taking a deeper dive into the 2021 trends, starting with Down to Earth. Carefully curated we are bringing you a minimalistic earth inspired dining room. Natural oak wood and iron legs from Anthologies' Kulu Sideboard embodies the essence of the earth tone trend in addition it creates a conversational focal point for any room. Let's talk about the wallpaper. We wanted to add an element of playfulness while still tying into the Down to Earth theme. That being said, Anthropologies' Legs Eleven Wallpaper gives a quirky and upbeat vintage vibe while together with the other furniture selections creates an added element of the earth trend with the flamingos and taupe colour.

Check out the rest of the furniture we included in this look. Let us know what your thoughts are on the Down to Earth inspired furniture board!


Safari Wall Art

Anthropologie Kulu Sideboard

Anthropologie Forged Iron Elowen Chair Colour: Hazel

Anthropologie Sawyer Pendant


Black Ballo Steel Oval Dining Table

Anthropologie Legs Eleven Wallpaper


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